Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shabby Princess Templates

I have really gotten into digital scrapping and love using the templates from The Shabby Princess Blog. This is one of their latest challenges. They provide a template and you plug in pictures, paper, embellishments ect. I love all the free templates and have bought a couple kits from them too... absolutely love em! You can get this template too by clicking here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Digital Scrappin

I have really enjoyed getting into digital scrapbooking! These are a few of my first digital pages. I have learned a lot about the possibilities in scrappin digitally over the last month or so. This first page is my very first and the last one is my most recent. Most of the paper and embellishments and and even some templates can be found at and everything I used except for the paper on the last page is available for FREE!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vinyl Wall Sayings

I love sayings! My sister printed this vinyl for me...thanks. I love how much the sayings add to the rooms. This one is in our Kitchen:

Above our marriage certificate in the master bedroom:

Above the mirror in our bathroom:

My kiddos bedroom:

I also added a saying to the shelf my husband made me:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Carseat Canopy

This was one of my favorite projects to make because it was so simple and adds a lot to the car seat and keeps my baby covered. I made the canopy reversible, different material on each side so I can mix it up. I also make flower clips that come on and off so I can change them up too.

One Side:

The Other Side:

These are the clips:

I didn't like the way they sat clipped to the fabric so I put a safety pin underneath and clipped them through it. They stay on better that way too.

Burp Clothes

My friend made me some of these for my baby shower...I haven't made any yet. They are my new favorite kind of burp cloth because it covers my whole shoulder and it's not constantly falling off.

Photo Blocks

I cut wood into blocks and then used mog podge to paste the pictures and paper onto the block.

Recipe Stand

I made this with the Young Women in my Ward. I love having all of my favorite recipes in one place!

I keep extra blank papers handy so I can keep adding to it.

Side view


I used to make these all the time for my mom when I worked in here cute shop.

This is the first pillow I ever stitched.

File Folder Games

I made these cute file folder games for my little boy and he loves them. I printed them from


I looked and looked forever trying to find curtains to match my kids bedding I couldn't find any and so I ended up making these. Not super fancy but better then what they had and they match the bedding.


I love blocks! I bought these cute SPRING blocks from Tai Pan and ended up using them for FAMILY blocks too. I had my sister print some vinyl and put them on the back of the SPRING blocks. I love decorating but hate storing.

I have made all sorts of little blocks too. So fun for seasonal decorating.

Picture Frame

My friend Jessica made me this cute "The Living Christ" picture for my wedding. I loved it so much I made one just like it for my "A Family Proclamation to the World."

Button Bows

These are some of my favorite bows. I got this fun idea from my friend Jessica and made a headband for my little girl. My mom made a cute beret for my girl too.

Headbands and Clips

These cute little headbands were so easy to make. I bought the stretch fabric/elastic from Hobby Lobby for $2/yard. I was able to make 5 of each color from each yard. All I had to do was cut the fabric the length I wanted it and then sew 2 ends together and glue a piece of ribbon around the stitch. I put clips through the ribbon.

These headbands are made from nylon socks. I did the same thing with them as the ones above. I love how these headbands fit my little girl. I don't worry about them getting to tight.

Here are a couple flower clips I've made:

My mom taught me how to crochet these cute little clips.

This is a headband and clip made from burning the edges of silk material and then gluing the pieces together.

I made this headband for my girls blessing day. I bought the stretchy lace at JoAnn's and then glued flowers to it...really simple but so cute!

Newborn Bows

I made a couple newborn bows for my little girl just after coming home with her. I found the best way to keep these to stick was to use a generous amount of KY gel and put it on the whole backside of the bow not just a portion.

Baby Braclets

These were so simple and add a lot to an outfit. I used stretchy string and little beads.

Baby Sling

I didn't make this friend did and then gave it to my at my baby shower. I love it though! She bought the rings online. My favorite part is how big the strap is because it is comfortable to wear.

Nursing Cover

Sorry for the's been tucked in my diaper bag.


I put boning in the top so I can see in when I need to.